How does it work?


Fill out a few simple questions and let us know who the custom song is for. Give us your memories and inside jokes, your hopes and dreams, your insight and love. We will use this information in the next step of the process.

Rough Draft

We will then take your rough outline of information and create an original custom song. Then, we will send you the rough draft and keep working with you until we get the lyrics and melody just right.

Final Product

We will take the final draft of the custom song and polish it up with other instrumentation, mixing and mastering in our home studio. Then, we'll send the song file to your e-mail or give you a link to download it.


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Custom Song-Full Band

Give the best gift that money can buy. YOURSELF! Fully produced and in song form with “I heard it on the radio” sound.  Your sentiments will be forever frozen in time, and there will be happy tears.

Custom Song-minimal production

Looking for a custom song with minimal production and cost? Based upon a questionnaire that you answer, we will write a full-length song. You will get unlimited edits to the pre-production version of the song. Then, we do a basic recording of acoustic guitar with 2 vocals and send it to your e-mail inbox.


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What are people saying?

Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft

"The Podcast Answer Man"

"Blown away would be an understatement"

Jason Warnke

Jason Warnke

"Both Todd and Emily were such a pleasure to work with! I truly felt like they were able to take the many pages of notes that I sent them and see through my eyes, narrowing down my thoughts into a beautiful song that my wife, son, and family will absolutely cherish forever."

The Caseys

The Caseys

"My mom was overwhelmed by the gift and wanted you all to know you did an excellent job! This was an amazing gift that said everything to tell her how special she is. Her tears of joy showed how much she appreciated it!! You guys are geniuses!! This was an amazing blessing for us to give to her!!"