Todd and Emily Marriott have been making music together since the day they met in October 2003. Now, 10 years of marriage, and four children later, they are still writing together just as much as ever.

Inspired by the eclectic stylings of artists like Regina Spektor and the haunting harmonies of duos like The Civil Wars, they seek to capture the beauty and complexities of life, while immersing the listener in captivating melodies.

The duo’s debut album, “Hello” (Battle Victorious 2009), was recorded under the umbrella of the artist development label, Visible Media Group (now Madison Line Records). In 2011, Todd and Emily independently released their second album, “On and On”, which has since had airplay on over 200 Indy radio stations. It has also been featured on several online commercials. Their most resent album is called “Blanket Over Me”. Recently, they have written theme music for Dan Miller’s podcast “48 Days to the Work you Love” and for Cliff Ravenscraft of “The Podcast Answer Man”.

Giftysong specializes in Folk Pop/Rock Music and Acoustic Guitar Music. They compose anniversary songs, theme songs, Jingles, Proposal Songs, Wedding Songs, Birthday songs,…..for pretty much any occasion you can think of.